Your Crazy Auction Stories

Did a lot of research before my auction. Thought I knew how it would go down within 85% accuracy. Nope. It got off the rails immediately with the first selection.

The bidding starts for Barkley and it goes on for 25 minutes. This is a 10 team, PPR, $200 3 keeper. He ends up going for $72. Same insane budget busters for Zeke, Julio, couple of others.

It opened up massive value for good WR2’s. Once I saw that I pounced on it. Ridley, Boyd, Kirk, Fitzgerald, Golden Tate, Scantling, Watkins. I grabbed all of them. My RB crew is lethal and I have Kelce so I said screw it. Didn’t even draft a WR1, I could have, had the coin but I didn’t like any of the ones available.

For a flyer I took Justice Hill. I don’t even think he’s a flyer. They are going to use the hell out of him IMO. They are running the ball like 45 plus times a game lol! He’ll have to get at least 10 or so touches just so everyone can catch their breath.