Your Keeper Opinions wanted

I’m in a 10 team PPR 1 Player Keeper league. The 3 players I’m looking at keeping and the rounds they were drafted last year are Joe Mixon (3rd), Travis Kelce (3rd, aquired through trade), or Aaron Jones (14th).

I have the 5th pick.

So far the keepers look like this-

  1. Gurley
  2. Kamara
  3. MY PICK
  4. Barkley
  5. OBJ

Other players off the board who were drafted in later rounds last year are-
Mahomes (13th)
Smith-Schuster (5th)
Davante Adams (2nd)
McCaffrey (2nd)
Derrick Henry (5th)

Kelce in the 3rd I think is great value…

His adp is 2.07 . But in keeper leagues he may even go earlier with a bunch of top names being kept at different places.

So I think that’s what I would do.

Second option would be Aaron Jones

Mixon is prob still good value… I’m just personally not in on him this year.