Your List of top 12 receivers

Curious to hear everyone’s top 12 receivers. Mine are as followed.

  1. Nuk
  2. Adams
  3. JJ
  4. Juju
  5. Thomas
  6. Evans
  7. Obj
  8. Kennan
  9. AB
  10. AJ
  11. Diggs
  12. Cooper

Is this Dynasty of redraft? Dynasty would be below.

1A. Adams
1B. Nuk
3. OBJ
4. MT
5. Evans
6. Diggs
8. Cooper
9. Keenan
10. JJ
11. AB
12. Cooks

Just rankings who do u personally think finishes where. Not dynasty related or redraft. If so mine are way different then what I have listed.

So it’s redraft then… if you’re saying who finishes where. If we’re talking real NFL talent, then the list is also totally different.

Yeah my bad redraft then. when u said that my mind went to keeper for some reason. statistically based who’s the top 12.

  1. Julio Jones
  2. Michael Thomas
  3. DeAndre Hopkins
  4. Mike Evans
  5. Odell Beckham Jr
  6. Davante Adams
  7. JuJu Smith-Shuster
  8. Travis Kelce
  9. Antonio Brown
  10. Amari Cooper
  11. T.Y. Hilton
  12. George Kittle
  1. DeVante Adams
  2. DeAndre Hopkins
  3. JuJu Smith-Schuster
  4. Michael Thomas
  5. Julio Jones
  6. Odell Beckham Jr
  7. Antonio Brown
  8. Mike Evans
  9. Stefon Diggs
  10. Amari Cooper
  11. Adam Thielen
  12. T.Y. Hilton

I did mine based on PPR scoring.


  1. Hopkins
  2. Adams
  3. Thomas
  4. Julio
  5. JuJu
  6. Odell
  7. Edelman
  8. Evans
  9. TY
  10. Brown
  11. Thielen
  12. Woods

Think people are sleeping on Edelman if he’s not in people’s top 12 this year.

For redraft my rankings are:

  1. Adams
  2. Nuk
  3. JJ
  4. OBJ
  5. MT
  6. Evans
  7. AB
  8. JJSS
  9. Diggs
  10. Cooper
  11. AJ Green
  12. Hilton

1 D Adams
2 D Hopkins
3 J Jones
4 M Thomas
5 J Smith-Schuster
6 A Brown
7 O Beckham Jr
8 M Evans
9 TY Hilton
10 K Allen
11 A Thielen
12 B Cooks

For me after pick 8 it’s really interchangeable.

From what I see a big difference is Kennan Allen for everyone. Everyone else is about the same maybe other then T.Y

Also another question is are u comfortable taking AB in ur league. Me personally I know I have him at 9 but what Carr shows up. If the value was there no doubt but at around 2.05 I can’t see myself pulling the trigger.

  1. Adams
  2. D Hop
  3. Julio
  4. OBJ
  5. JuJu
  6. M Thomas
  7. AB
  8. Evans
  9. Hilton
  10. Cooper
  11. K Allen
  12. Edelman

Yeah I feel the same way. He’ll obviously get peppered with targets, but will probably be more inconsistent (because of Carr and the offense) and has less TD upside than in Pittsburgh. I try to stay away from the risky players in the first 2-3 rounds so I’m not taking guys like AJ Green early because of injury risk. Same thing with Keenan Allen especially because he’s burned me before. But those guys clearly have huge upside.

FWIW…Tiered, Redraft, Standard Scoring:

Tier 1
1a. DeAndre
1b. Davante
1c. Julio

Tier 2
4. Thomas
5. OBJ
6. Juju
7. Antonio
8. Evans

Tier 3
9. AJ
10. TY
11. Keenan
12. Thielen

Amari, Diggs, Woods, Cooks, and Edelman would also belong to the bottom of this last tier, and so would Kupp if he was healthy.

I’d take AB in the later 2nd round. Like 2.09 or after in 12 team PPR. Early 2nd round there’s a lot of other guys I’d rather have.

That’s about right, I think.

But I’d say mid-2nd rather than late 2nd; I’d rather have OBJ, JuJu, Gurley, or Dalvin before AB.

But if I snagged a RB ca. 5 or 6 in round 1, I’m praying AB falls to me.

For a .5 ppr redraft I’d go:

  1. Hopkins
  2. Jones
  3. Adams
  4. Brown
  5. Thomas
  6. O. Beckham
  7. Evans
  8. Smith Schuster
  9. Allen
  10. Edelman
  11. Thielen
  12. Hilton