Your opinion on these keepers

So I’m in a redraft 2 keeper league and here are my options.

James Connor 5th
Raheem Mostert 7th
Darren Waller 7th
DeVante Parker 7th
Russel Wilson 8th

Drafting from 4th, 12 teams
Which 2 would you keep?

-Standard (4pts qb). 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, F, DST.
-Obviously cant keep more than 1x 7th rounder.
-I tanked last year and got an extra 2nd & 3rd round pick, might change your perspective.
-I’m thinking of keeping Connor, just cant decide on the others. Mostert looks like good value there but Im a Seahawks fan so Wilson’s looks mighty fine there as well.

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How many teams? Do you know your draft position?

In a sinlge QB league I prefer not to keep a QB. You can likely draft Russel Wilson if you really want him.

None of the options are are obvious keeper values. So I’d look at ADP to make a decision.
This is from FantasyPros:
Conner - 4.08
Mostert - 6.04
Waller - 5.11
Parker - 6.02
Wilson - 5.08

I’d likely keep Conner and Mostert.

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Thanks for the feedback! I edited the post to add the number of teams and my draft position.

I think I’m gonna go Connor & Mostert. Alot of the 1st & 2nd round RB are kept so even if I’m stacked in early round picks (5 pick in the first 3 rounds) there’s not alot of RB 1’s to chose from so having depth there could help.

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