Your thoughts?

Got offered Dalvin Cook, Mims and Blake jarwin for Sutton, chark and Engram. I’m loaded at WR and TE and I have Saquan and thin at RB behind him. Thoughts?

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I really do like Sutton this year though.

That is an interesting trade to say the least. If you are in win now mode, it is super risky because of the DAlvin holdout situation. If he resigns you have a great RB ready to go for his next contract. In the meantime you are giving up two great WRs just starting to enter your prime. I think if you are really needing a RB 1 for a win now mode, not a bad trade except for the Dalvin risk. I feel like there should be another RB you could get for that deal.

As much as I like what you are getting, I think the Sutton / Chark / Engram side is better. I like Mims best out of these WRs, but he is still a rookie. Blake should be a stud, but assuming Engram stays healthy he is a stud. Cook I like but the holdout has me worried for next year. I think MIN does not need him and he misplayed his hand.

In the end it is very close, and either side would be fine if I were drafting. But neither is strong enough to make me want to move. I’d stay put.

I think that’s too much to pay for what you’re getting honestly, but who are these other receivers ?

Slight win for you on the dynasty dominator app and if it fills a need even better.

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