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Your WR1: TY Hilton or Dez Bryant?


10 team Half point ppr league. Drafting from the 6th slot.
You take an RB in the first round, who do you want as your WR1?
T.Y. Hilton or Dez Bryant?
There’s obviously QB issues with Hilton and massive schedule issues with Bryant so I’m having a hard time deciding.

Other possible but WAY less consistent WR1 options are: Amari Cooper; Brandon Cooks; & Doug Baldwin.


I would take Dez because of the Indy QB problems and Dez and dak have a year’s experience working together. If and when Zeke serves his suspension, dak will throw more.


Ranked in order of preference: Baldwin, Dez, Cooper, Cooks. I’d consider Allen too (I’d prefer him to Cooks), but you might be able to get him as your WR2 in the 3rd.


Not a huge fan of Baldwin for the price to be honest. He was only a WR1/2 34% of the time last year and I’m not confident in having that as my WR 1. Does your list mean Hilton isn’t even in consideration?


Hilton is not in consideration as a WR1 for me. I don’t want anything to do with what’s going on in Indy this year, tbh. I think you’ll find those numbers are a bit skewed by the Wilson injury. I believe he was a WR1 50% of the time after week 9, which was around the time Wilson was right and his stats took off.


I don’t love anyone in the second round, really. I don’t think any of the WRs typically available in the middle of the second round (aside from the back end round 1 WRs that occasionally fall) are going to provide consistent WR1 production (I mean, that’s why you posted this question, right?). I just like Baldwin more than rest. Whichever one you pick, I’d consider shopping him as soon as he has a blow up game. You may be able to get a better WR by doing a 2 for 1, or targeting one that had a slow start.


I drafted my home league a couple of nights ago from the 9th spot. I ended up taking Ajayi in the first round and then came to the same predicament that you are in now with Hilton or Dez. I ended up going with neither and selecting Gurley because I just don’t like either of those receivers this year. I got Baldwin in the third round and D. Thomas in the fourth. I love this team even though Baldwin in my #1 because I have two stud RB’s.