You're tearing me apart playoff matchups! Please help!

Gotta start 3 Flash Gordon (Gordy is calling out his QB on twitter that’s making me nervous)AJ Green (shadowed by Rhodes) which is making me nervous seeing what happened when he was matched up with Ramsey. Starvin Marvin Jones and Mike Evans(you know what Mike Evans has done this year. Really need some advice thanks! And we got that DET 4:30 game today. Last time Jones faced CHI he caught a TD with 85 yards.

Gordon, jones, green

  1. love the ‘The Room’ reference

  2. Always start AJ Green.

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Bonus points for The Room reference

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Love The Room! Tommy is a legend lol The Disaster Artist was amazing! Both of the Francos killed it! But I don’t know the Bengals offense has been so awful I trust Green I just don’t trust Dalton at all

Go back and look at what Green has done this year. 3 duds in 14 tries. That’s really, really good.

Yeah true but I know the Bengals are gonna have a really hard time moving the ball. I can see Evans going off this week. I really hope Jones starts me off good today

Maybe. The Panthers certainly didn’t, and they don’t have anyone near Green’s talent level.

Better QB and better offense and better Defense. I think I I’m gonna sit Green. Let’s goooo Marvin!!

Gordon, Green, Jones

Is Fournette not playing this week? I just picked him up Ivory would he be a better option in my flex?