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You're the 1st pick.. TODAY! Who's your guy?


You’re the first pick in a redraft league, no keepers.
It’s Ballers Preferred Scoring Format (HPPR, etc…)
Clock’s ticking, you do you pick?
Feel free to list your top three or an RB and WR.

For me it’s between Christian McCaffrey and Ezekiel Elliot for my top RB target, and my top WR target would be DeAndre Hopkins.

I thought it would be interesting to get a temperature check as the Free Agent Frenzy dies down a bit. Cheers!


Right now for me it’s Zeke. Safe volume and finally getting targets gives him the RB1 ceiling, will likely lead the league in rushing or be in the top 3 and is due some positive TD regression. Less question marks and at 1.01 i really want as little to no risk (bar new injury of course).

Barkley will be a volume monster i’m sure and could be at Steelers Lev Bell level of usage but on a bad team in limbo i give the edge to Zeke he’s my number 2 and CMC if Cam is 100% game 1 and if they don’t bring in anyone of note to that RB core he is in the mix with Kamara and Gurley for 3-5. Personally i’d go Zeke, Barkley, Gurley, CMC, Kamara today in all formats (swap CMC and Kamara in standard). It’s close 3-5 though.

Edit: If any of those 5 are on the board i’m not looking at WR, but after that it’s Adams by a hair for me as the first WR, Hopkins and Julio are the 2 and 3.


I’m not sold on Gurley in the top 5 RB picks yet but that’s my own bias that I recognize! I like what you said “if any of those 5 are on the board” because I feel the same. If I can get one of those RB I will wait to draft a WR until later. Thanks for the input! Cheers!


No worries and i can see the risk with Gurley and if more comes out closer to the season on his knee/knees then of course adjustments will be needed for sure! I’m assuming health for all the guys and assuming Gurley is good to go week 1 and if he slows down in season that’s just something to deal with, possibly drafting his handcuff earlier in the draft and making peace with holding them all year. Will be an interesting pre season!


As a medical research technician currently working on projects geared at eliminating Osteoarthritis, if it’s true that he’s dealing with Arthritis already, and he’s considering Stem Cell Treatment, simply with my medical background I’m very much not interested in him. If I owned him in Dynasty I’d accept almost any mid-level offer. He may only have 2years in this league before the pain will be unbearable. If he played more than two on that knee, which he’s considering Stem Cell Treatment for (which only happens when you’re out of any other options), then he’s looking at rapid deterioration and this may be a choice between being able to walk the rest of his life or playing football for 5 more years. And that’s all if he NEVER sees the workload he was receiving before even again. However, if it is released that this was a defect in the cartilage that occurred this year, and they’re going in to clean it up and then looking into laser micro-fracturing procedures coupled with the stem cell treatments then I’d consider hanging on to him in Dynasty leagues.


Interesting and thanks for the insight I’ve not really looked much into yet as it’s so early. That is worrying though and actually from a player standpoint i’m sure he will try everything and maybe that ends up with him getting Kamara type usage in schemed touches so maybe 15-18 a game and getting pulled in blowouts early for a couple of years as best case.

Worst case and as he has a large amount of guaranteed money in his deal if the treatments don’t work you can’t fault the guy for trying one more year for a ring and using pain management then walking away to preserve his knees for as long as he can for real life.

Will monitor closely but he could fall to the back of the first if it is worst case and in dynasty be a value to win now teams only.


I’ll forever regard him as one of the most talented RBs to EVER go through the NFL. I really truly hope that the pain is not so bad that he can’t manage those 10-20 carries a game. I sincerely hope that McVay pulls it off for the Rams and that they win a SuperBowl with Gurley, Goff, Cooks and company! I just know the reality that is osteoarthritis and arthritis in general. It’s incredibly painful and the pain can spike for absolutely no reason or even with the weather! Flying even has an impact on arthritis! If it’s related to a specific event, like I had said a specific defect occurrence, then I’m much more optimistic as that can be cleaned up and handled well enough that he probably could do 20 carries a game again.But if this is just early onset of arthritis not related to a particular event then I’m selling in dynasty and mourning it all.


Zeke would be mine. First WR would be Hopkins or Julio


Zeke or Bark 1a 1b. It doesn’t matter if Giants are bad. Bark proved he is going to produce no matter what.


leveon bell work load


I like that you brought up Julio! I’m really interested in the rebound he may have with the OC change.


You’re not concerned about the Jets O-line? You’re not concerned about his overall health? I know he appeared to be a generational talent, but that was behind a top 5 O-line. Personally, I’m concerned! I wouldn’t take Bell in the top 6 RBs even. I anticipate that Zeke, Barkley, CMC, M. Gordon and DJ will have similar workloads to Bell and they’re all (except Barkley really) running behind better O-lines then Bell. I’m not saying you’re wrong! I want to know what’s got you this confident in Bell to take him ahead of guys who didn’t just sit out a full year? Is it his style? Is it just your personal belief in the man? Let me know! Cheers!


My top3 is: saquan