You're up by 7 with Kamara to play. Opponent has Brees. .5 ppr league

How confident are you in Kamara only being outscored by 6.9 or less tonight? This is a league with 1k on the line for the champion. I’ve been in first place all year and was doing fine until Julio scored like 13 points in the last 2 minutes of the game last night.

Freaking out a bit.

Not much you can do except watch the game and root for your player. It’s possible that Kamara scores a couple long rushing TDs which would limit the points gained for Brees.

Sounds like you made all the right decisions this year to get to this point.

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Yeah, kind of. I sat emman sanders for Davante Parker at the last minute but I did sub out the Buff D for Pitt at the last minute also. So … Cook getting hurt is really what killed me.

I see the Saints leaning on their two best players. The game has higher seed playoff implications with the 49ers looking weaker.

I’ll give Kamara 7 passes for 55 yards and 11 rushes for 75 and maybe a rare TD. Colts play more zone and won’t be crashing down on him like the 49ers. which by the way wasn’t working at all until Cook went down.

Colts will attempt to keep everything in front and force the Saints to earn it in the RZ.

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