Zach Ertz for Joe Mixon?

PPR, my Roster is as follows:

QB: Goff, Rivers, Smith
RB: Bell, Gordon, Hunt, Kamara, Mixon
WR: Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Golden Tate
TE: ASJ, Hunter Henry
Seahawks D/ST
Harrison Butker

Got offered Ertz for Mixon. Guy looking to trade also has TY Hilton and I kind of want to offer Mixon for TY. Thoughts?

Bleh, Mixon is not worth it.

His schedule is not good for the playoffs PLUS the bengals just suck at running. I would keep the top 3 tight end in the league. Don’t do it for hilton either.

I’m actually getting Ertz in the deal and giving up Mixon.

So do it?

Do it for ertz do it now do it. Package henry and ask for hilton if possible.

But do it.

Do It 100% asap - You don’t need Mixon for the rest of the year and Ertz is great. Your receiving double Mixon’s value in this trade

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The only thing that made me hesitate was Ertz’s injury… like what is the extent of it?

Regardless, I did it. Thanks guys.

If it was anything serious we would have known by now. He was ready to go and they pulled him out. I am speculating because they had a bye coming up and we’ve seen many teams do this - give their hurt player an extra week.

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no brainer here especially w your RBs, take Ertz and get rid of mixon!

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