Zach Ertz or Joe Mixon

Need some advice.

10 man league. Full PPR. One keeper. I can either keep Joe Mixon in 8th round or Zach Ertz in 14th round. Keep going back and forth on this. Hoping the clan can help me out.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Mixon. He can definitely finish as a top 10 RB and to get him in the 8th is a steal.

I don’t agree with the definitely finish top 10 comment but he is a starting RB who probably sees like 250ish touches at least and that is rare in the 8th round.

I’m taking him.

I’d go Ertz. Carson and Nick both love throwing to him, he has the potential to finish #1 at his position, and top 5 his a pretty safe bet (barring injuries, naturally). In my mocks I’ve contemplated reaching for him at the 2/3 turn over Mixon (yes I understand it’d be a big reach, this is why I hate the turn). I don’t think I’d actually do it in a draft, but the fact that they’re that close means I like the extra six rounds of value, 14th round is basically free whereas there are some great values going around the 8th round (robby anderson, andrew luck, duke johnson). It also frees up your draft day strategy to focus on RB and WR without that “when do I pull the trigger on a TE” question nagging at the back of your mind. With these questions I like to play the “what if I wanted both of them” game, and look at where you’d draft the other one, who you’d there draft instead if you’d kept them, and who you can take at the other player’s keeper spot. I think you’ll wind up with a much better team keeping Ertz in that scenario

Thanks. I keep thinking that I know what I am getting with Ertz, but I’m not so sure what to expect out of Mixon.

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You don’t know anything in fantasy football. Ertz is great but he is several tiers below Gronk. If you actually look at his stats last year, it was very similar to the year before. Only difference was he caught more TD passes as Wentz put on a historic performance last year with a TD rate which is likely unsustainable.

I’d say what we hope and is likely, is that Ertz will be good again this year. Maybe he does better than last year, but also possible he does worse.

I think with Mixon, i don’t really see him doing worse than he did last year. Hill is gone and they’ve made it clear he is the starter. He’s going to see 250 touches at least with 300 touch upside. I think for an 8th round pick, that is much more valuable than Ertz. For me, TE’s is Gronk or bust. So if I miss on gronk, I’d rather frankenstein together something involving jordan reed. Probably won’t be too far off of Ertz.

My mistake, didn’t realize I didn’t know anything. Guess you should just ignore me and listen to everything this guy says

Settle down. That you wasn’t directed at you specifically. It’s directed at everyone. I.e. me, you, anyone who plays. As in no one knows what’s going to happen in fantasy football and Ertz is far from a lock. He just broke out last year.

And the comment wasn’t even directed at you to begin with. It was in response to this:

No need to get your panties in a wad.

Lots of good views here. Seems split between the two. I do see the value of a 250 touch guy in the 8th round, but the fact that the system is the same kind of worries me a bit. Pre-season looks like same old Bengal offensive scheme. I agree Ertz will probably get similar production as last year. Maybe same TD totals or a touch less. I guess the thought of getting a top TE in the 14th round is simply so tempting. I will probably go back and forth before my draft on Sunday.

At the end of the day man, just go with your gut. I’m just presenting you with my own opinions and analysis.

Wouldn’t put too much weight behind pre season. None of the teams play for real, it’s basically warm up, test some weird stuff, and for fringe guys to prove they belong on the roster. I just look at usage.