Zach Ertz trade

16 man league, Non PPR, 1-4 Record

Give: Callaway, Buc Allen
Receive: Zach Ertz

My TE: Njoku Brate
My RB: Barkley, White, Carson
My WR: Diggs, Boyd, Mike Williams

Did this trade help me?

Yes, you gave away very little for a high scoring top 3 TE.

You could also try trade either Njoku or Brate after this week. I have the same 3 TEs and will be shopping Njoku and Brate after this week. I gave up Breida for Ertz so you did better.

Yep. Now trade your other 2 TEs.

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Yup that is currently my plan, I am trying to shop Brate (who I believe has more value) to a team who has lost their TE due to injury. Thank you for the feed back.