Zach Moss droppable?

my rbs are: Zeke, Kelley, DJohnson, Gibson, Pollard, and moss
WR: Woods, Godwin, Poo-lio Jones, Alshon J

Could you sell him to the Devin Singletary owner for something?

@thesisko This is a tough decision because of the expectations that everyone had for Moss coming out of camp, but the self cannibalization amongst Singletary & Moss makes both of them a gamble with low ceiling’s unless one is injured(like right now).

I would say if you could give Moss a few more weeks then I would and see how things unfold, but if you are desperate, I would drop him if it came down to possibly winning and losing a week. I wish we had a clear answer for RB in Buffalo, but Allen is also not helping with this dilemma. Good luck!