Zack Moss on Waiver Wire

I have a chance to pick up Zack Moss on waivers. Would it be wise to give up Ronald Jones for him? Zack proj. = 11 points in a 1. ppr league and Ronald proj. 12. I am worried about the future of Ronald Jones in the light of the Fournett deal. The waiver is for the 13th so I don’t have a chance to see what happens with either one this week.

Moss definitely has more upside than RoJo so I’d do it if that’s your only option to drop

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Thank you very much for your input. Actually I have an extra QB, Joe Borrow, I’m thinking to drop him instead?

Joe Burrow could be a baller RoJo not so much… if you have the RB depth drop RoJo and pick up Moss. But in the end I would have Moss in me team either way.

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Ok zupkeb, thanks so much for confirming my feeling about Burrow. I’ll follow your advice. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

How do I set up an Avitar?