Zeek for OBJ - HUGE Trade Possibility, Time Sensitive!

10 Man PPR
Zeek owner (currently in 4th, I’m in 2nd) said today Zeek on the table for a WR.
I offered OBJ straight up.
He said he’d think about it. Countered with:

I give: OBJ, Sanders
I get: Zeek, Tyreek, Olsen

I think this is a no brainer but my WRs take a huge hit because of how thin I am at the position depth wise.

** My Roster - RBs: Gordon, Howard, Thompson, Michel, Chubb, Ekeler**
WRs: OBJ, Sanders, JuJu, Watkins
TE: Ertz (bye this week)

I can easily flex Olsen in good matchups (he also said I can choose Olsen,Kittle or Reed), as well as start Ertz. Don’t mind that.

But if I do this, my WRs are Hill, Watkins, JuJu with the hope of waivers then.

Could always swing RB for WR given the depth.

Am I crazy? Do I do this? Do I say no? All the help I can get is appreciated. Thanks!

Anyone? Any advice would be appreciated

You give two WR with bad QB for a WR with a great QB, a #1 RB and a TE with great QB. Do the math :slight_smile:

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And you can flip a RB into a WR as well later.

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Hill’s Injury doesn’t worry you? Or having Watkins and Hill on the same team?

Yeah, the injury is a concern. After this trade I’d go for another WR. Maybe using Watkins and a Rb3 for it. Just in case Hill is out for two weeks…

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So i was in a similar situation last week. Someone in my league wanted to do Zeke for OBJ straight up. I turned them down. I don’t understand the hate for OBJ honestly. I’m on here defending him constantly.

Does Eli suck? 100%

But OBJ is still one of the more consistent WRs around. The man has put up 5x 100 yard+ receiving stat lines and is seeing double digit targets nearly every game. He has 785 yards. TDs have been lacking, I get it but so has zeke’s TDs. Is the giants offense really that much worse than the Cowboys? I don’t think so.

The one benefit in your trade here is you are getting an extra week of production out of zeke given his bye week has passed. But looking at zekes schedule, do i really like it more than OBJ ROS? I would say no personally but it is subjective. And I’d say OBJ is matchup proof. Zeke used to be, but this year, I’m not so sure.

Obviously I prefer Reek to Sanders by a pretty wide margin but would it shock you to know sanders is WR8 right now and Hill is WR2. And with Hill’s groin injury, wouldn’t be shocked if KC rested him a bit to avoid rushing him back. They are beating the breaks the off everyone anyway. And with DT gone, Sanders stock also just went up.

Olsen frankly doesn’t really add much value to your roster given you have Ertz. There’s very few weeks where I would rather start Olsen over Watkins for example. And if you get reek, you’re not going to want to play Reek + Watkins on a weekly basis.

I think your RBs are pretty strong already with Michel/Chubb/Gordon.

I would personally stay right where you are cause I think OBJ/Sanders gives you more balance and you don’t take on additional injury risk onto your roster for no reason. Already have to worry about CT/Gordon.

EDIT: and when i turned down OBJ for zeke, it was a half ppr. In a full PPR, scales tilt more in favor of OBJ imo. Same logic applies to Reek vs Sanders. Sanders is a WR1 ROS imo.

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Thanks man, this is what’s giving me pause. But just thinking of Zeek/Gordon/Michel down the stretch has me feeling things.

Just got an offer where I would recoup 2 WRs for 2 RBs
I get TY and Corey Davis
I give Chubb and Howard

So after these 2 deals my roster would be:
RBs - Zeek, Gordon, Michel, Thompson, Ekeler
WRs - Tyreek, TY, JuJu, Watkins, Davis
TEs - Ertz, Olsen

Yeah but is that really that much better than Gordon/Michel/Chubb/OBJ/JuJu/Sanders in a full PPR format?

One other thing I’d keep in mind is when Bell returns, I think that is a hit to JuJu stock. They would take targets in similar areas whereas COnner right now is strictly dumpoff. Bell runs real routes.

SO you’d be looking at Hill, who is a baller no doubt, but a bit more boom bust than you would like, and a lesser JuJu as your starting WRs. Like tbh, I’m not even sure if I prefer JuJu to sanders ROS.

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That trade is good for you getting TY. But you shouldn’t be buying corey davis right now. And that’s coming from the resident corey davis truther. Mariota is straight trash and so is that entire offense. You’re not going to feel good playing Davis despite his dominant market share.

Also, even TY is another boom bust guy. None of these guys give you the good floor/ceiling combo that OBJ/Sanders already provides.

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Thanks man I appreciate it. Needed to be talked off the ledge.

Sorry about rehashing this but what if I were to get TY and Boyd instead in the 2nd deal?

Or, if I only give up Sanders and then a different WR than OBJ (Watkins, Boyd, TY) and still get Zeek?

If you can get TY and Boyd, that is a much better deal for Chubb + JOHO. Frankly, selling JOHO for anything makes me pretty happy.

If you can get Zeke for any WR other than OBJ, I would be fine with that.

I am now faced with a similar dilemma with OBJ and his trade value. I have a strong but have been victim to high points against as well. .5 PPR someone offered me Chubb and Kupp for OBJ. I currently have AB, Julio, AND OBJ. However, my RB situation is Aaron Jones, Lindsay, Cohen, and McCoy.

Do I trade for Chubb and Kupp or just roll with the big 3 WR?

I don’t think Chubb does much to improve your RB corps, just roll with the team that’s gotten you a ton of points and hope that your points against regresses to the mean.

Yeah that’s where I’m leaning as well. We do a bonus for getting over 100 yards and OBJ has the best shot of that each week. To me, Chubb is like a Lindsay, only with more workload.

Remember in any PPR format targets are weighted more than carries, I’d rather roll with Lindsay, but that’s just me

Similar situation here as the zeke owner.
Current backs are Zeke, Conner, Chubb, A Jones, and Howard.
Current WRs are Thielen, Hopkins, Watkins, Ladry, Davis, and Humphries. Due to byes, thielen and hopkins are on bye so I’m forced to start Landry and Davis at the moment. Standards scoring. Is it worth trading away Zeke for OBJ straight up and put A Jones in the flex this week for best chance to win? Or do i stand pat knowing i’m playing against the #1 guy in the league this week and will likely lose, and keep zeke for playoffs?

Guess question is, would you rather start 2 Rbs (conner, chubb/A jones) and 3 WRs (thielen, Hopkins, OBJ);
3 RBs (zeke, conner, chubb/Jones) and 2 wrs (thielen, Hopkins).

Thanks guys! sorry if it’s long winded!

Yeah Chubb has no value in PPR as it’s clear Duke is going to get a ton of play there. Here’s to praying Aaron Jones finally blows up Sunday!