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Zeek for OBJ - HUGE Trade Possibility, Time Sensitive!


Is your league PPR?


No it’s standard scoring. That’s why i’m hesitant to trade away zeke for OBJ.


Oh I see that now. Yeah I think I would stay put. You have a nice team.


Chubb definitely has value in PPR lol. TO suggest he has no value is ridiculous. He currently leads the league in team % of carries at 84%. Ahead of Conner, barkley, gurley, etc.

He gets all the goal line work and still sees 1-2 targets a game. He is basically Michel but on a worse offense. That’s RB2 value still with RB1 upside in good matchups, which I believe this week is. RBs who are getting 18-20 touches a game aren’t falling out of trees lol.

PPR just closes the gap in value between DJ and Chubb.


No, I agree with that. I shouldn’t have said no value. I just meant when it comes to PPR, like you said, it becomes closer between DJ and Chubb. Which for that reason, I just cant trade away OBJ for someone who 1) plays for Browns and 2) is now going to lose some work to a PPR hungry RB.