ZEKE against KC

Just a heads up for everyone out there! Zeke filed an emergency hearing and will be allowed to play this week!!!

They can turn it over I think. they have until Thursday to shut it down is what I heard.

I just read that the process should take about a week and that would clear him to play if a ruling is not in by Wed afternoon.


Personally would rather him start the suspension this week so he is playing weeks 15 &16 rather than 16&17.


I seriously could not agree more. He is almost droppable after this week if he plays.

It has already been denied

The original yes, but we are waiting to hear from district 2 court

I thought the district 2 Court appeal would determine if the restraining order gets put back in place. This whole mess is so confusing

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From what I know Zeke’s team filled a motion to the second Circuit Court. The second Circuit Court hasn’t ruled on it yet and it could take a while before they do which means the suspension is still in place from what I know.

Where are you hearing the suspension has been lifted?

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What might happen is the NFL might let Zeke play until the ruling from the second Court.

Now the NFL by all means doesn’t have to allow this but they might let him play just to give each team (Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys) Clarity going forward and allow them to form a game plan.

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Anyone find any new updates? As far as I know still waiting on the second circuit Court. NFLPA asked that they make a decision by Friday.


Yep that’s what i heard were waiting on as well.

NFL filled their own motion to block the NFLPA motion. I expect will we will find out tomorrow.

Boom goes the dynamite! Zeke is back for at least one game!

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If he starts suspension next week his value takes big playoff hit. Obviously glad he could play entire season but it was looking fine with him coming back weeks 15 and 16.

as someone who own’s zeke and needs to win every game to even have a chance I’m glad he gets one more regular season game for fantasy.