Zeke and G. Tate for McCaffrey and Landry?

Would you do that trade? I would be getting McCaffrey and Landry. I am worried about that Dallas offense and McCaffrey has looked like a PPR monster


bump, please offer your input! Thank you

this seems like a lateral trade. i dont see the point in making this. i think youre fine on either side of the trade. I like landry a lot right now though because of his force feeding of targets

Yea i was looking at this more as an upgrade at WR

i dont think its enough of an upgrade to pull the trigger

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Honestly, I would do it.

McCaffrey > Zeke (as of right now)
Landry > Tate

“As of right now” is what scares me. I traded Zeke his rookie year to this same guy and Zeke absolutely took off…

Thats the game we call fantasy football! Have to make these kind of choices. If its going to make you worry or be upset if zeke blows up i wouldnt take the trade. Zeke has the talent and CMC is just being bathed in targets. tough call

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Yea ill sit on it and hope that Dallas keeps improving

I feel like i would take it. I think McCaffrey is a massive pickup this year, now that they aren’t forcing him into a timeshare and Landry is looking at a bump in targets in a Browns offense on the rise.

I would def prefer cmc and Landry

I like the trade. I don’t see the Dallas offense improving significantly over the rest of the season and their pro-bowl center is out indefinitely. CMC just proved hes the bell-cow RB in that offense with the potential for 10+ receptions during a game as well. As for Landry v Tate, I would rank them similarly but Landry has the bigger upside being the true #1 w/ baker as QB