Zeke and Kelce for Julio, Carson and hooper?

I’d send away elliot and Kelce for Julio and Chris Carson and hooper??

I need wr help a lot and I’m 2-4

An: Matt Ryan
Rb: Zeke, gurley, kerryon, m. Brown, Singletary
Wr: juju (bye) Gallup, Anderson, Westbrook, Auden Tate

Youll lose RB upside but gain a top 5 WR. I don’t think the other guy takes this trade. Zeke has potential but really hasn’t flexed it yet this year.

I’m a Zeke owner. Trying to trade other pieces for Carson

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He posted it to me, would you accept??

And yeah Zeke has been annoying with this new air raid offense and Carson looking nice with 20+ carries 3 weeks in a row

Who is your TE?

Actually yes. You get Julio and the current top TE. and you get a solid RB. Seems like a super safe play and you get a spot fill

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Bump, open for more responses