Zeke and lindsay for melvin gordon and sony

I’ll be receiving the sony and melvin, this would fill my rb2 but i would hate to lose zeke. should i do this trade?

I like the Melvin/Sony side…

Gimme Gordon and Michel out of this for sure. 2 high powered offenses with high TD upside.

the receiving side of gordon for 1/2 ppr makes the difference between him and zeke very small and as of rn he has more points than zeke anyway. the sony owner is sleeping on it i’m hoping he does it i think sony is a borderline rb1 ros

i’m def on the gordon/sony side. being a part of the chargers/pats offenses vs. cowboys/broncos makes the decision even clearer.

update the owner has countered wanting keenan allen from me and he’d give ty hilton? should i counter and offer diggs or devante adams instead?

Not a horrible offer. I didn’t realize you also had Keenan Allen. Don’t think you necessarly want to stack Keenan and Gordon but Keenan is also > Hilton. I am high on hilton given what Luck has shown these past couple weeks. It’s not a bad trade honestly. Basically i see the trade as

Gordon > Zeke
Sony > Lindsay
Hilton < Allen

would you rather offer up diggs or adams instead of allen?

Allen > Adams > Diggs ROS for me.