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Zeke and the spoil of riches


If Zeke doesn’t end up serving any of his suspension I should win all my leagues. I took the risk and went with Zeke in the late first early second round and the combos I have are insane! I have one league with Zeke and Demarco, two with Zeke and Lev Bell, and in my big league I had the wrap around and took Zeke and Shady. Last year in my big league Keenan Allen was my 2nd round pick and I won a championship. Point of my post… Don’t be so afraid to take a big risk in the second round… Like the guys always say… You don’t win your league at the draft…in that same league where we start 3WRs I won a title with not a single WR that I started with on my roster!


I definitely was thinking along the same lines, but ended up getting Ajayi falling to me in the second round #18 spot so I decided to roll the dice that way. The only issue I see is Zeke’s fantasy playoffs schedule is not real great… Week 14 he has the Giants and Seahawks in week 16. He should still post pretty good numbers (better than a lot of good rb’s), but may fall short of the elite numbers. I’m hoping I’m right or else I’m going to be real mad as I had Zeke ranked right after Ajayi.