Zeke and Thielen trade!

Looking to trade Zeke and Watkins for Ingram and cooks. Standard scoring. Do it?

Here’s my roster. I am acquiring Landry and sending away Marvin.

I also have interest from the mixon/kupp owner to trade them thielen/Jordan Howard.

So I’m sending away Marvin, thielen, Watkins, Zeke, Howard and getting Mixon, Ingram, kupp, cooks, landry.

Any problems or major sticking points in doing these trades? I could probably have kupp replaced with Allen Robinson.

In talks with 3 owners.

Thanks guys! Appreciate the help!

@MikeMeUpp what you think of my potential Zeke and Thielen trades?

Any other suggestions?

I’d much rather have Zeke than ingram. But also much rather have Cooks than Watkins. That’s a tough call tbh. Gap between Cooks and Watkins is probably larger than the gap between Ingram and Zeke but Zeke is such a rare commodity it’s hard to give him up for something less juicy. I’m personally also not very high on Ingram. I think that last game might be his best of the season. Kamara is the one i’d rather own.

Thielen + Joho for Mixon + Kupp is more interesting for me but your WR then takes a pretty big hit with Kupp being injured and no timeline for return. I’d be more interested in that trade if it was Mixon + maybe another option. Allen Robinson isn’t it. Trubisky is still hard to trust despite him looking better.

Either way, don’t think either side is getting super fleeced in the deal which is the makings of a fair trade. If you believe in one side of the trade either way, i’d go with your gut.

If I were to pull off both, would it be worthwhile? I did just a quite Landry to pair with thielen so I feel much better about my WR1-2 situation. RB2 and flex is still concerning. Will howard and A Jones produce or become RB2s at any point you think?