Zeke as Keeper?

Hey ballers. Im in a keeper league. We got 4 wr 3 rb 2 te and 2 flex… I got Zeke kelce and JuJu - but who should i pick as my keeper this year? 0.25 ppr

Zeke if he signs before you have to lock your keepers in. Otherwise Kelce by a mile. Gotta pass on JuJu espeically in a .25 league.
Kelce in a 2 TE league is ungodly valuable. Pair him with a late round prospect like Goedart, Andrews, Thomas, Waller and profit.
Kelce and Zeke are certain top 3 at their positions if they play a whole season, where as Juju is MAYBE top 6-10 at his…Maybe… You dont know what Pittsburgh is gonna look like this year without AB and a older Big Ben. And as talented asJu Ju is, it’s much easier to replace Juju than Kelce or Zeke imho

My 2 cents, best of luck

1 Important question here. How many people are in your league?

We’re 7… I got first pick after keepers, and i got CMC up for grabs ! would love him and Zeke, im just not sure about his contract issues!


Kelce and Zeke unless something crazy happens with Zeke’s holdout.