Zeke at 4, reach for Pollard

Have my draft today and I have the 4th pick. Thinking of taking Zeke at 4. Assuming he drops to me. If I do, what round should I be looking at grabbing pollard? Took bell last year but waited to long for Connor and got burnt

If you feel like you have to take him probably around the 8th round, but I’d be more likely to go with more rb depth and not even worry about taking Pollard until double digit rounds if at all.

Take Zeke as your 4th pick. He will be back sooner than later sources say. Go RB as your first three picks and load up on them. You can grab cook, Chubb, or mixon in the second maybe. Then go after like your low end tier 2 WR. There is plenty of reciever talent out there. You can probably get Pollard in the 6-8 Rd range if you feel pressure to take him.