Zeke/Coleman/Baldwin for Howard/Thompson/Fitz....WHIR

Worrying that Zeke will not have the year everyone was thinking.

What do yall think of this trade?

My side:
Ezekiel Elliot
Tevin Coleman
Doug Baldwin/ Julian Edelman

Jordan Howard
Chris Thompson
Larry Fitzgerald

my team
QB: Tyrod Taylor(Streaming QB all season)
RB: Ezekiel Elliot
RB: James Conner(Just traded him and Geronimo Allison for AJ Green)
WR: Jarvis Landry
WR: Kenny Stills
TE: Zack Ertz
FLEX: Tevin Coleman
K: Matt Bryant
DST: Jets(Streaming DST all season)

Doug Baldwin
Julian Edelman
TJ Yeldon
Geronimo Allison
Chris Godwin
Leonard Fournette

the league is 12 team PPR

It’s a difficult one, I would say keep hold of Edelman.

I’m also concerned about Fitzgerald and Arizona (and I don’t like their schedule at the mo)

I’d personally be tempted to see if you can’t get more value for Zeke from someone just based on who he is.

Really dont like this trade for you at all. Zeke will definitely have blow up weeks so wait for then and trade high. Coleman has a couple of weeks to build momentum to. Thompson is likely to get injured and Howard in a ppr league is way less valuable… surely there is better value elsewhere in the league

you may want to hold and see what happens especially with Coleman being the number 1 for this week. You may be able to do Zeke and Coleman for the 3 you want after this week. Depends on the other guy and what their team looks like as well

Don’t trade away first round picks after one week. I think this is an awful trade. I’d much rather have Zeke than Howard and much rather have Coleman than Thompson. I’d probably prefer Fitz to Baldwin, but not by much.

I don’t like this trade