Looks like per Rapoport, 2nd Circuit ruled, Zekes injunction denied.

So he’ll be available for fantasy championships for anyone that can hold him and get there.

Ouch, back for Week 16 and they play the Seahawks… he’ll be pissed off though.

The guy I’m playing THIS week is our (hilarious) league troll, and fingers crossed some OTHER injunction/appeal won’t make him available in 4 days. I could really use a win!

So…who’s going to be the back to get the majority of the carries now that zeke is gone?

Looks like Morris but it’s gonna be a timeshare…

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we sure he can’t still fight this? sounds all familiar

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It’s hard to pick up Mcfadden since he has yet to see smell the grass on the field and it’s not like he’s a spring chicken

Sounds like Morris, I just picked up McFadden as a lottery ticket since someone already had Morris and Smith.

I think the chances of him playing this week are slim. After this week, who knows…

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I had Morris and McFadden in multiple leageues but had to drop mcfadden to pick up a WR in case Dez couldn’t go this week. Hoping to snatch him back up when the waiver clears if no one else notices. Also trying to trade Morris for Zeke becuase the guy with Zeke likely isn’t making the championship without some help.

His other options are en banc hearing request from 2nd on the stay or ultra emergency request to supreme court. Both are hail marys…They say they will expedite hearing on the overall appeal so it is possible it is decided before 6 weeks is up but I don’t see any way he plays this week or next at a minimum…

So, alfred morris is a safe play this week?
I have drake, lewis and morris but cant choose which 2 of them to play

I’d play drake, Morris I have both but I’m trying to trade them to the new hunt owner that just traded for him and gave the guy zeke

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