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Zeke dynasty offers


What Zeke offers have you made/been offered?


I gave a Gillislee and 2018 2rd pick offer. To a rb needy owner. Thoughts?


in a dynasty? does this dynasty allow trade rapes? cause thats what you just did lol. holy crap that makes my mouth water.


No, just saying I put the offer out. Trying to feel the situation out.


oh i thought you said you already did it as in its been accepted. yeah if he accepts that he is a fool. but, stranger thnigs have happened. i would just be shocked if he did.


Yeah, I Would be shocked if doesn’t at least ask for my first, or accepts it at all. But he Ajayi, CJ Anderson, and his next best RB is …Booker, Alf Morris, Joe Williams.


In a dynasty format I would not trade Zeke. You have to look at the big picture. Plus his suspension may get reduced


Yeah. I wouldn’t either. But trying to get his owner to panic and see his immediate need as a bigger deal than it really is.


I’m in a Standard scoring, 10 team, 2 keeper league. I currently have AJ Green and Zeke Elliott as my keepers. I’ve been presented with 2 offers. The first one is OBJ for Zeke. The second one is Gronk and an 8th round pick for Zeke. Thoughts?


I think you take OBJ and laugh all the way to the bank. Prior to the suspension, the separation between those players’ value was pretty small. I’m still contemplating this news but the consensus seems to be that given the suspension Zeke should go no earlier than late second (while others would say 3rd), whereas OBJ is a early to mid first round pick. I don’t think you can lose on that, the only caveat being if your specific league rules somehow change the calculus here.


If your Zeke owner even entertains this offer you need to stop playing with kindergartners. But can’t hurt to try I guess :roll_eyes:


This is our last league in a keeper format as the draft has gotten stale & we’re resetting in 2018. I approached the Owner of Zeke in my league but he’s being smart & letting the situation play out.

I plan to offer him Tom Brady.


So you’re saying I’d be an idiot not to trade Zeke for Odell?


Like I said, I’d be all over it. He thinks he’s taking advantage of you but you are really taking advantage of him :wink:

I mean, BEFORE the news came out Zeke was going 3rd or 4th overall and OBJ was going 5th or 6th overall. We now have information that Zeke may miss half of the Fantasy regular season. May be reduced, may not. That is a ton of risk. You can mitigate it all by “settling” for a guy going 2 picks later, an absolute stud wr that you will have all season. Unless you think the values of these guys is just worlds apart, I think you have to do it.


Ok. Thanks dude. Appreciate the feedback