Zeke for Bell Trade? + others

Give: Zeke and Fitz
Get: Bell and Edelman


My Team:
QB: Dak, Josh Allen
Other RB: Carson, D. Freeman, M. Sanders
Other WR: E. Sanders, G. Tate, R Anderson

I like it. Bell has an easier ROS and Edelman should be great the rest of the way as well. Wouldnt be surprised to see Edelman end as a top 10 WR if he stays healthy

I’d stand pat. I know Jets have the easier schedule but I don’t trust Gase as a coach. I’m sure he can screw up a cake schedule.

I’d do it. Dallas has a rough schedule the next 7 weeks leading to fantasy playoffs and the Jets have the 2nd easiest schedule spanning to week 14. Edelman is a for sure upgrade from Fitz and his schedule is a walk in the park also. It’s always uneasy giving up big names but match ups mean more than position rankings right now, especially if you are on the verge or making the playoffs.