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Zeke for Buck Allen and Willie Snead


I am in talks of being able to get Zeke for Buck Allen and Willie Snead.

My starting line up would be:

QB-Tom Brady

RB-Lamar Miller

WR-Alshon Jeffrey

FLEX-Tarik Cohen or Rishard Matthews or Cooper Kupp or Kenny Britt



at first i thought you were trying to dump zeke, and i was going to tell you to slow down, dont let one game destroy your value for zeke. but now i see you have someone panicking and trying to dump him onto you. do it. bucky can do well, but he will never be better than zeke. and snead is a situation start, cohen, matthews, kupp, and britt (meh) will be able to replace him every single week.


This trade fell through because he is scared to trade Zeke. Might have the option to get Shady for Buck Allen and Snead as well. Should I go with the trade if I get the chance?


Yes absolutely. Getting McCoy or Zeke is always a good thing.


I am somewhat worried with his “banged up” wrist. Still think its a no matter what kind of trade even with the wrist in question?


Even if McCoy misses time, he will get immediate volume upon return. No one will supplant him. 14 games of Shady is greater than most other options.


I agree with DJ Cheeseburger above. Even more so, if you can “trade up” and acquire Shady’s services for that value, if Shady worries you, now you have an even more enticing trade piece that you can utilize. Perhaps the Zeke owner, if he was close before, will be more enticed when you have Shady to offer.

I love the value either way.


Obviously try to buy low but None of those are going to go through. You need to offer at least miller and at least willie Snead,( who really wants to start Snead)? For either zeke or McCoy if either trade is a real possibility . Hell throw in Kenny Britt just to get him off your team as well. There is easily someone better on the waiver wire than Britt (hint:everyone) And then pick up deonta foreman, the goal line and soon to be replacement of Lamar miller;) good luck!