Zeke for Chubb +?

With the Hunt signing, I am more worried about Chubb’s season long production. The Zeke owner is a Cle/Chubb fan so wondering If I could get Zeke for Chubb + someone.

This is there team:

Would offering Chubb and Cooper or Woods be fair enough to ask for Zeke?

This my team in case you see any other options

10 team standard scoring

Given your WR depth, I’d offer Chubb and Woods. That seems fair.

Actually looking at Yahoo’s projected numbers, seems like Chubb and Zeke aren’t far off from each other. I could offer 1 for 1 and see if that works. I am a bit concerned about giving away too much

OR, what about Carson and Cooper for Zeke?

Before you offer the trade ask yourself if you were the other person why would you say yes to the offer. Personally I think Cooper or woods is too much to give up but you know your league mates better than we do so just see what the guy would want for zeke. You never know it could be a lot less than what you’re thinking or it could be so expensive you look elsewhere for rb depth. Just don’t give away the farm up front bc we all know the counter offer going be for a little more than you offered or if it’s instantly accepted you might have given up too much. Just start a conversation then see where it takes you.

Yeah that 's fair
I think Chubb + WR feels like too much, but Carson + WR may feel like too little.