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Zeke for Cohen, DEZ, Latav Maury?


RBS: Bell, Hunt, Ty Mont., Cohen, Latavious Maury, Lacy
WRS: Dez, Fitz, Ted Ginn, Decker, Galladay

12 team .5 ppr


The good part about this trade is that you surprisingly don’t have to move Bell or Hunt. With acquiring Zeke, you’d have 3 of the top 5 RBs in fantasy. The downside is that if you were to lose Dez, you’d be severly lacking at WR. Golladay, Decker, and Ginn are all becoming drop candidates. I guess personally I’d still do it, and just ride the waiver wire hard for good matchup plays at WR and hope for the best. Ty Mont should also be back sooner than later, you could try to flip him for a better receiver.


I know what you mean. I like the balance of my team. but to have all three of those RBS would be amazing. I would be lacking depth at WR for sure!


Yes I would 100% do that trade. HOWEVER, we aren’t sure if Zeke will still get suspended or not. Down here in Dallas last week radio heads were saying there was a 5% chance he gets suspended still with the hearing this week. However, this week they seem to be alot more worried. I would say there is a 30% chance Zeke might serve his suspension this year. So I guess just be aware of that…


great point! Thanks for chiming in on this @swissarmyaccountant!!! means allot!