Zeke for Dak, COhen, Decker?

12 team .5 ppr.

I would be getting zeke.

Other RBs: CJ Anderson, Ty Mont, Kamara
Other WRs: AJ Green, Julio, Jordy

Other QB: Rivers

just did this for a bump for advise

I’m struggling to follow the details of this Zeke suspension, but as it stands right now he’s suspended 6 games and would be back for the fantasy playoffs?

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Yes he would be back thanksgiving. Just in time for the playoff stretch

Yah man, you can find Decker value on the waiver wire, Cohen is almost impossible to plug in lineups at this point, and QBs are QBs, stream away. Having Zeke going into the playoffs would be a game changer. What’s your record in that league?

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I’m in Dallas and have somewhat of a front row seat to this Zeke stuff, and am still so freaking confused and lost. Truthfully no one knows what will happen, it has flipped back and forth so many times with the Cowboys insiders. Supposedly there is now a better chance than not that he still plays all season, but seriously who knows.

In regards to that trade, I don’t think I would do that. You are selling him for .$40 on the dollar. Cohen is basically an okay flex play at this point with some RB2 upside, and Decker is basically a waiver WR. I don’t blame you for wanting to get out of the Zeke game. I did the same thing before the big news last week. But Honestly I would take a bit of a risk and wait until this week. He could still play this week, and if he does he will have a big game against the 49ers. If that happens, I think you could get alot more for Zeke.

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The OP seems to be getting Zeke. Which I think I would do for those people.


@swissarmyaccountant THanks for the insight! I will be the one getting Zeke…sorry if I miss worded my trade offer.

Ahh, that’s what happens when you don’t read the question. In that case, yes I would do that trade if I were you.

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THanks man! Love the thoughtful relpy!!! huge help thanks!

Holy cow. I told you nobody really knows man. It looks like Zeke IS suspended for six games this year…I mean geez. We still aren’t 100% sure but it doesn’t look good.

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they said they are going to rule any moment now