Zeke for Diggs in Dynasty

I really like Diggs, I went to High School with him so I am a bit biased but I have a lot of depth at WR and could use some RB depth in my dynasty league. I’m pretty sure it’s a good idea, I just need some affirmation from the good boys & girls of the footclan

My roster is below: (note: I traded this team Demarco Murray for TY Hilton but the trade hasn’t processed yet so keep that in mind)

as much as I like Diggs I cant see myself trading Zeke for him. especially in a dynasty where you’ll have the monster production from zeke every year. Diggs always seems to be hurt and he hasn’t had a good QB yet.

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Woops, I did not clarify, my bad! I meant that I would be trading Diggs and receiving Zeke. So reversing your advice seems to be in favor of it :). Thank you!

Then yes go get Zeke!! lol

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