Zeke for Edmonds?

The Dallas O line and QB situation has me really worried, with Edmonds as the clear RB1 for several weeks…I feel like this may be my only opportunity to get a decent RB out of the current bye week situation.

My other RBs are M. Davis, D. Henderson, P. Lindsay…it’s rough.

I understand that it’s rough but I wouldn’t be selling Zeke for Edmonds. I know Edmonds outscored Zeke this week but I personally wouldn’t.
Davis is going to lose value once CMC comes back, you don’t know will get the hot hand on Rams, Lindsay is hurt again. I hold on to Zeke, hope for the best and wait for a waiver add but Zeke for Edmonds is a no for me.

Your logic is sound, but it hurts bad right now :frowning: Thank you

maybe if you can get edmonds plus another piece but I wouldn’t trade straight up just yet.


What are you me guys thoughts on trading zeke for James Conner straight up?

Definitely not For Conner

For Edmonds… it’s tough I might depends on how desperate I am for wins… I’d try to get another WR or something In there