Zeke for fournette and mixon and yeldon

Hey footclan, guy in my league is really scared with fournette’s injury and is looking to trade him.
I feel like i would be crazy not to take this. 10 team full ppr
Also if i took the trade who would i drop. Thanks for the advice guys.

my team


dion lewis
jamaal williams
mark ingram
kerryon johnson
chris carson

larry fitz
doug b
devin funchess
quincy enunwa


I would say cut Carson and Doug Baldwin. Baldwin is injured and wont be 100% all season, I am a Hawks fan and I know for a fact that our O-line is sub par at best

chris carson was the first that came to my mind. I was thinking i would rather keep baldwin and just not take yeldon.

keep Baldwin. You’ll want him late in the year.

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And the only reason i have Gronk and Kittle is because i was working on a trade before waivers ran and ended up not going through with it. I am going to try and make some big trades in the next few weeks if kittle pans out.

Yea, i don’t plan on dropping baldwin for now

Your league mate is a frickin moron. Especially since he is holding Yeldon lol. I would drop Jamaal Williams, his value is only going to drop later on.

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Drop Carson for sure.

In a 10 man league, waiver wires are pretty rich. I personally dropped Doug Baldwin yesterday. Sounds crazy sure but end of the day, hes missing at least 2 weeks, probably more. I don’t like wasting a bench spot on shallow leagues. On top of that, you also have Ingram who is suspended and based on match-ups, might not give you any production until like week 10. And you have 2 TEs. You basically currently burning 3 roster slots which is insane.

Funchess/Quincy will more than make up for the production of Baldwin. Honestly, I’d drop Baldwin and let him be someone else’s headache.

Then I’d trade kittle + Someone for an upgrade. I bet someone in your league is starving for a QB. I’d also go ahead and trade ingram and let him be some else’s problem. These first few weeks are most important waiver wire pick ups. Don’t burn 3 roster slots on guys who won’t be contributing to your team.

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