Zeke for Gordon, Allen, OR Jones plus 2018 4th?

3 keeper league: i have zeke, hunt, cook. considering a trade with another owner who has gordon, allen, Julio. I don’t have a 5th round pick this year so considering trading zeke for one of these keepers plus a 4th in 2018 and a 5th in 2019 for my 10th each year.

Projected lineups without Zeke trade and with Zeke trade. Thoughts from the Clan?!?!

NOT TRADING ZEKE (first 6 rounds):
1.11 - Zeke
2.11 - Hunt
3.11 - Cook
4.11 - WR (Cooper, JuJu, Allen Robinson, Landry, Brandin Cooks, Marvin Jones, Crabtree)
5.11 - no pick
6.11 - WR (Sanders, Cobb, Kupp, Robby Anderson)
7.11 - WR (Sanders, Cobb, Kupp, Anderson…basically load up on WR 3s at this point)

WITH ZEKE TRADE (assuming I get a 4th rd pick):
1.11 - Gordon, Keenan Allen, or Julio
2.11 - Hunt
3.11 - Cook
4.05 - Russell Wilson, Zach Ertz, Demaryius Thomas, Guice, Rashad Penny
4.11 - Whoever falls from 4.05
5.11 - no pick
6.11 - Pierre Garcon, Sammy Watkins

Thanks for laying out all the options! What is your starting lineup requirements?

I think I would keep Zeke and pick best WR available in the 4th, 6th and 7th.

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My bad for not including lineup. it’s QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, W/R/T

I appreciate the thoughts. Have a feeling I may be stacking up on plenty of WR2-4 and if I can get a combination of stable veterans or up and coming pass catchers (Garcon, Sanders, Kupp) in the 6-8 range and maybe a young WR in the 4th (Juju, Amari Cooper) it might work out.