Zeke for Green + Mack + 1st rounder (5 player keeper)

Looking for trade advice. League is full PPR 5 keeper (keepers are just 1st 5 draft slots for all teams, we essentially start at 6th round for drafts). Current roster below.

Offer is Trade AJ Green, Marlon Mack, & 1st round pick to other team for Zeke. Should I take it?
Leaning toward yes as I can keep Zeke, Barkley, Hopkins, Diggs & one of (Howard/Boyd/Moore).

tough call. I mean you’re upgrading your rb but i’d say just green and mack should be enough on its own

True, part of the issue is this week my entire bench is on bye including Mack. That leaves me starting Buck Allen with Ty Montgomery over his shoulder. I feel like it’s a pretty close trade overall…
Well, almost my entire bench, but the non-bye players aren’t RBs…

i guess weigh your chances of winning against your opponent this week with your current setup vs your new set up and how badly you need to win this week. if you need it now, maybe bargain about the draft pick but do what you gotta do

Thanks for the advice.
I think my chances of hitting and winning the playoffs will end up being better with Zeke as my 2nd RB over Mack, Indi has a tough looking schedule for run defenses rest of season. I feel Boyd will also fill in nicely for Green’s absence (as long as the Bengals don’t play in prime time) :sweat_smile:, maybe even DJ Moore.
Of course, this is all contingent on the other guy accepting the deal. He wanted the night to think it over as well.

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I think mack boyd and the pick is more fair but go for it man. Hope it works out