Zeke for Kamara Straight up

Who wins this trade in standard league?

In standard I’ll take Zeke

I just find myself being concerned with the cowboys team in general. So much focus on zeke because of the lack of receivers. I am looking to trade Zeke and have drew brees if that effects the decision at all

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I just think Zeke is going to be better season long. Ingram will be coming back into the mix for NO in a couple weeks. While that won’t significantly hurt Kamara’s workload, it will take some work away for sure. For me that makes enough of a difference that I’d prefer Zeke. In a PPR format, it would be completely different.

Should also wait to see where Gordon ends up. If he ends up in Dallas, that could turn around that offense.

It came out last night that the Cowboys said they aren’t looking to trade for Gordon

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Perhaps they just don’t want the headache. They sure could use him. Ha

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Ill take all of that for a grain of salt until 4 today lol.

Yeah same, I just wanted to make sure it was brought up. Things can always change and they definitely need him