Zeke for Kamara wtd

Zeke and john brown for Kamara and Keenan allen what do y’all think?

I’m in a similar boat. Zeke and Watkins for Ingram and cooks. Standard scoring.

I believe Keenan will bounce back, start to see some TDs his way

Kamara and Keenan Allen wins this by a landslide.


Yeah I’m not gonna do it zeke is great but all they gotta do is stuff the box. They cant fo that with Kamara. And Keenan allen Is way better than john brown.

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What about Zeke and Landry for Kamara and Keenan? Standard scoring. Does landry tip the scales back to the Zeke side?

Nope, still in favor of Kamara/ Allen

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He is stilloffering up zeke and john brown for Kamara and Keenan allen are tall sure yall wouldn’t do it??

Yes lol. Kamara is a stud. And Allen is better than JB.