Zeke for Michael Thomas?

Hey all, would love to hear your input on this one: redraft, full ppr. Would you trade away Zeke to get Michael Thomas. I have Cook, Edmonds and Fournette as RBs and Godwin, Lockett, Chark, Boyd, Jefferson and Claypool as WRs.


I know zeke hasn’t been killing it recently, but with your depth and being a cook owner, I’d rather have rb depth than adding Thomas.

I like your wr depth, I know Godwin is hurting and not getting you that draft pick you spent on him but now with Westbrook injured again is injured, helps chark value some. But I think I’d try and hold strong.

What’s your record? You trying to salvage season or set up for playoff run?

Thanks for the feedback. I am currently 4 -3 , leading my division (12 teams, in a 2 division league). You raised good points…I can’t help the feeling that Dallas season will be a complete calamity and can’t really trust anybody in that offense.