Zeke for Michel and keenan

Was offered this trade for my Zeke…

Conner, Howard, Jones my other backs

no howard zeke flex jones perfectly fine… Zeke is… Zeke.

This is an interesting trade. What is the scoring format? Ppr or half ppr?

Full disclosure I am super high on Michel and believe it is a buy low on Keenan Allen. Its close and depends on the rest of your roster / what your WR crop looks like.

Standard scoring 12 team league. Would be pairing Keenan with thielen. Marvin Jones is currently WR2. Problem is it be help creating a super team for him


Here’s my bench


It’s also a single keeper league. Round does t matter. Player kept counts as round 0

I think I would take it. I like Michel ROS, and Keenan not being on the injury report anymore is highly encouraging to me. This could be just the change your team needs. Zeke is hard to let go of, but I am willing to do it because of how awful all of the the Cowboys offense is except for him, and bc his schedule is rough. It’s especially bad the next several games, and you can’t afford to have him underperform over that stretch at 1-3.

Howard, Michel, A Jones, and Conner is strong. Thielen together with Allen is superb. I’d go for it.

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His team. Sold his soul last year for picks.

Good lord. Yeah, I can tell lol. Well I wouldn’t worry about that aspect of it. He’ll be fine either way I’d say…

So after Sony’s strong game last night, you guys would definitely do this then? Should i ask for a 3rd round pick along with it?

Any other opinions out there?

Are you competing this year? Cause in the single keeper league with no penalty, it would be hard to convince me to let go of Zeke. You give up your best keeper. And I do expect dallas to address some of the woes next season, potentially fire garrett finally and unleash the beast in zeke.

I am 1-3 and Zeke will hit the draft next year as he’ll keep kamara. We also have weekly wiinings determined by margin of victory to prevent teams from tanking. There will be a number of wuakity starters at draft time, but the risk is not knowing draft position until keepers have been selected

I don’t have a bad team. We put together play all records to see how teams are doing and I’d be in 2nd place. Scheduling God’s have damned me.

Yes I saw he had Kamara but point is even if he releases Zeke back into the pool, you have no shot at getting him unless you’re a top 3-4 pick. I would much rather secure Zeke for multiple years than risk having to worry about keeper Michel/Keenan Allen.

Don’t worry I’m the same way. I have most points scored and most points against and am 2-2 in one league and 1-3 in anther. But that gives me hope because once I start winning, I’ll be able to tie break with points. If you’re doing that well, just stick with your team and lock in zeke as a keeper.

Solid advice. Basically just confirming what i was thinking. I up the ante and asked him for a high draft pick as well, he declined. Think i’ll roll with what i got for now. Thanks all.

Anyone’s opinions change after this last week?

Went through the rosters and if I trade away Zeke these guys will be available for draft next year Zeke, fournette, Barkley/Melvin, D Freeman, Cook/Antonio, Thomas/OBJ, Bell/Hopkins, Julio, Green. So there’s a 50/50 shot I’m in the top 6 with quality guys to pair with Keenan/Michel/Thielen as my keeper

That’s makes a big difference, I would definitely want to hold on to seek as long as possible in a keeper league