Zeke for Mixon and Diggs

12 Team PPR. Redraft.

I would trade Zeke and get back Mixon and Diggs. Would you pull the trigger? I could use the depth. It’s 2 RB, 3 WR and a Flex

My starters are:
Ronald Jones
Michael Thomas
Larry Fitz
Robert Woods
Kyle Rudolph
Sterling Shepard

No. Get more. Get a lot more.

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My main thought here is that Ronald Jones isn’t going to be starting right away…he hasn’t shown greatly so far.

I believe Mixon will have a good year, but not a Zeke year and due to your deep(ish) WR corps. That isn’t a worthwhile trade.

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I agree with these guys above. To put it in perspective, I have the #4 pick (I’m going into it thinking it will be Zeke) and have been offered his 2, 4, 10 round picks for my 1.04 and two final round picks. That’s a lot more than what you’re getting, and I still am hesitant to pull the trigger. Zeke definitely has higher value no matter what your needs are and how you value either of those two guys. Neither is a 2nd round redraft value right now.

Here is mine, for what it’s worth: 10-team draft pick trade - #4 overall

ROJO is never going to start. His game doesn’t translate to the NFL. I’ve been adamant about this since the beginning and he was the easiest bust call ever.

I will say its POSSIBLE mixon has a good year. But I’m willing to bet money that Zeke will have a GREAT year. Likely his most productive year to date. He is going to have a career year. 450 touches, is well within the realm of possibility. Also, although dallas’s WR corps may not have anyone as talented as Dez, overall, they’re a better fit for Dak. Also, as we saw last year, it doesn’t matter if they have receivers or not. Zeke eats.

Overall, I agree you need depth, But you really don’t accomplish that with this trade. You need depth at RB, not at WR. You’re starting WRs are more than capable. This trade doesn’t really help your team and is nowhere near the worth of Zeke. Go out and get more.

Unfortunately half of my team was auto drafted… including rojo lol. So I feel like I need to make a risky move like this in order to compete. I might see if I can get a little more

There’s risky moves, and then there’s just plain bad moves. I am about as high on Diggs as anyone you’ll see. And I like Mixon a lot too. But end of the day, this trade doesn’t really accomplish anything for you. Risk is not worth the reward. Mixon’s production will pale in comparison to Zeke. If you’re going to make a trade, take Zeke + one of your lesser WRs, and go out there and get like 2 RB1s. And you can probably get another WR2/3 back.

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