Zeke + Fuller for AJ Green?

I’m 6-0 about to be 7-0 so I don’t need Zeke and am worried about the on-going court cases…am I giving away too much value? Would you trade Zeke away at this point for AJ?

Depends on your depth.

I would offer Zeke straight up first and see what happens

i wouldn’t even consider it. The only WR i would trade zeke for is AB, and it’s really just because you don’t know for sure if Zeke will play all season, otherwise i wouldn’t consider even that. But if Zeke plays all season (if you look at legal experts opinions it’s likely he will - for example judge Crotty said Zeke meets requirements for a player injunction, its unlikely judge Failla, who works in the same court, says otherwise - additionally NFL is behaving like a bully, trying to force her return from vacation earlier :smiley: ), Zeke is able to win you the trophy - i doubt AJ is the difference maker Zeke is.

In addition to that: you’re 6-0 (7-0), you probably get a bye week in week 14 (first week of fantasy playoffs) - even if zeke gets suspended, he would miss week 9-14, so he would be back in week 15.

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Depends on your roster construction, but personally I would say no. Top teir RBs are SO much more valuable to your team than top teir WRs. Keep Zeke, try to package a different trade together for a stud WR

Yeh maybe for AB not for AJ