Zeke Handcuff

I am drafting 4th in my half ppr league tonight. I’m assuming I will be staring at zeke with this pic. I plan to take him, so what round should I think about taking tony pollard?

I took Pollard in the 10th of a superflex and guys behind me would’ve snagged if i passed. That’s equivalent to an 8th ish round ADP in non SF leagues so use that as your benchmark. I’m not risking it and most guys in that range all have question marks anyway. Securing the lead back on cowboys with 1st and 8th/9th is worth it imo.

McCaffrey ended up falling to 4 (kamara, saquon, david johnson) so avoided the hold out! Conner also fell to me in round 2 so very pumped how the draft ended up for me. Thanks for the advice!

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That’s robbery. Absolute insane open to start a draft. Your season is looking up.

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