Zeke in a trade. Would you?

I would receive: (Zeke and sterling shepard)
I would give away: (Hyde, Brandon Cooks, and Cameron Brate)

I am 2-4 I have the following other players:
Doug Martin
Jerrick McKinnon
Matt Breida
Rob Kelley
Darren McFadden

Jordy Nelson
Devin Funchess

Zach Ertz

The league is PPR

I’d do it. Zeke is a game changer although things could sour with the suspension. Also his fantasy playoff schedule isn’t ideal, but he is a start against anyone.

Would you try to get more WR than Sterling Shepard? He has Diggs and Thielen

I like Shepard

I would def do it for Diggs. But honestly Shep may be pretty decent play when he comes back. Only problem is he is out the next two weeks (injury and bye) and at 2-4 you may not be able to wait that long.

However if push comes to shove I would probably do this trade. You need to win now and Zeke can do that for you.

I agree I need wins. It was originally Cameron Brate and Hyde for zeke alone. He revalued the trade. Do you think I am giving up too much with Cooks? He has had a few good games but the Patriots have so many weapons.

I am just curious as to if the WR exchange is worth it. I do know sterling shepard will become WR1 when he is back with all of their injuries.

I personally wouldn’t. I still think Zeke will get suspended soon and hanging onto him in a re-draft league for 6 weeks might be an early end for the season. I would try to trade for Devonta Freeman instead, might be even cheaper

On second thought. I wouldn’t do this trade. Leaves you too thin at WR for these next two weeks and that could cost you your matchups. Your RB are deep enough where you can even afford not to play Hyde and still get Cooks in your lineup. If I were you i would try and package Hyde and Cooks for Brown, Julio, Green. Otherwise, stay where you are.

I was thinking that as well. Zeke is a legit season winner but if things do go south with his case (I think it might the NFL wants his head) then I would be done for the season. I will shop around for some WR’s

Would you trade away Cooks and Hyde for Green? With the looks of his team it might be able to happen

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I don’t personally don’t like AJG schedule near the end of the year, and i think Rb’s are more valuable, but he is pretty much a Auto-Start. I think i would probably send that trade out to get a high-end WR1

Yeah I was just looking at his schedule and it is a tough one. I wont be able to get Antonio and its been 6 weeks for Julio. Not one break out game is scary. Cooks has done more and he is in a new offense. It might be the decline of Julio which no one will agree with me. Their new offensive coordinator doesn’t use him like ATL used too. So Green is a top tier guy. Are there any other WR’s you would target or would you just sit at where I am?

The games I have lost I either didn’t start my starters (Tried to get fancy) or I played the highest scorer of the week. Tough breaks

You need to win now and my philosophy is to get the best player in the trade and you get that with Zeke!

I am lacking WR depth. Would you trade away Brandon Cooks and Carlos Hyde for AJ Green or no?

Yes I would. You have decent RB depth and AJ Green is an upgrade over Cooks.

For me its a 3 way split for either Evans,Julio,or Green