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Zeke in the 2nd?


With all the talk about Zeke these days, would it be crazy to take him in the 2nd? I think he’ll get his suspension dropped to 4 games but even if he doesn’t I still think he’s a value there. He’ll come back fresh in week 8 and ready to carry you to a #FootClanTitle! As long as you can manage your team accordingly and get into your playoffs it’ll just be a boost. It’s the same as when I lost Allen (my 2nd round pick) last season in week 1 and had to adjust from there. Please let me know if this makes sense or not.


I have been dealing with this same issue. Last year I got zeke 1st round and bell 2nd because of his 4 game suspension. This year I am wanting to do the same thing but get Bell or DJ and Elliott with 2nd or 3rd. Problem is I think Elliott should go in the 3rd since more games missed and then a buy week. But what is happening is he is not making it into the third round in mocks. I am hoping the longer it goes on and closer to draft time he falls a bit more. If you have to take him 2nd I think you should and I think I will but I am also thinking about 3rd round also.

The risk is if he pushes the hearings out and takes it to the courts it could get delayed. So he could start the season then have to serve his suspension in the middle or near end and devastate your playoffs. Or it could be delayed so far into next season and you would get a steal of value from him. So much unknown but I am willing to take the gamble =]