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Zeke in the middle of the 2nd?


I’ve been doing some mocks lately (12 team standard league - Keep 2 at the expense of the pick one round ahead of where you drafted the player) and seeing Zeke available in the second quite a bit. I intend on having a bottom 6 pick next season at best, which means I could keep Zeke. Anyone else taking him around this position in the 2nd round? If not, why not?


Yes, I’d take him here.

The suspension might get delayed until next year. If you hold your draft before that happens, you could end up getting a stranglehold on the top RBs in this year’s “class” and then work on releasing him next year or trading him in case something happens.

Even if you have to eat 7 weeks, you can always hot swap suitable RBs in his place until he comes back.


I would (I probably should of in my draft). He is going to shred all the way thru the FF playoffs so if you can make it that far you are going to be in good shape.