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Zeke Involved In Bar Incident Over The Weekend


Trouble continues to follow Zeke.


So this is the third off-field issue he has had. No looking great for his longevity.


So I don’t understand the article. It says Zeke was involved in an incident. Goes into how the guy that was assaulted couldn’t identify who assaulted him and the police say no suspects were reported. And then goes back to saying Zeke was involved. So I don’t get it. Was Zeke actually involved in the altercation or just at the bar when it happened?

However, I don’t understand how some of these players don’t realize the opportunity they have and have no problem potentially squandering it away with these off-the-field issues.


“Tough Guys” in bars will hassle football players in hopes one of them takes a swing. That way they can sue and settle out of court (many do), and grab a payday.

Also a lot of writers see Zeke is in the news so they want to join that train to grab some easy press.

My concern is with all of these articles and stories (never mind the validity of them), will the NFL make an example out of Zeke?


He’s just too special of a talent to talk yourself out of owning. Can confirm; drafted #1 overall last year and won my title, even without David Johnson and with Doug Baldwin as my WR1


I mean I am still drafting the dude. His back-up is practically free right now, and we don’t know if/when any suspension will be applied. Plus, Jerry Jones has a history of making suspensions small or simply making them go away.


this is nothing news. he wasnt kicked out, he was not reported for anything, nothing was filed, and he wasnt arrested. this is off season fluff news. wouldnt even be known about if his name wasnt zeke.