Zeke/Julio for diggs/hunt

Zeke/Julio for diggs/hunt is this a smart trade? I worry about hunt getting rested if KC clinches. Is diggs and Julio pretty even?
I have another trade that I might be able to make happen, Julio/Kerryon/Allen Robinson for Antonio Brown/Flacco. What should I do? I need help! Lol

In the first trade, I think I’d rather have the Hunt/Diggs side, especially if its any kind of PPR. But, honestly, it’s probably a pretty neutral shift. RB1 and WR1 for and RB1 and a WR1.

On the second, which side are you on? I’d rather have Julio + Kerryon + ARob than Antonio. AB is a slight upgrade from Julio, but not worth giving up Kerryon and ARob too. Flacco is useless in my mind.

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