Zeke Julio trade

I currently have Gordon, Royce freeman, ajayi, and Rex for RBs and Julio, Thielen, Robby Anderson, Sammy Watkins, and Kupp at WR. What do y’all think of trying to package Julio and ajayi for Zeke and another WR? The WR options are Golden tate, Crabtree, Funchess, and Sanu. I would love Tate, but I don’t think he will give up that much. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

That would be an ambitious move. There’s a huge gap in production for the two rb’s but the wr ‘s are a lot closer. I think this would be a difficult trade for me to accept if I was the Zeke owner.

The idea was trade a top WR for a Top RB and take a hit on a replacement WR that has less value than ajayi. There is just a big drop off between tate and his other options

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I understand your side of it. But it’s a lot easier to replace a WR than a RB in free agency. What do his other backs look like? If he has a CMC or Freeman or Howard, he just might make the move.

But I doubt he’d give up his best RB and WR for one guy. In essence that’s what the trade would be. Julio for Zeke and Tate.

I don’t put a whole lot of stock in Ajayi. He’s not much of a goal line threat. Clement and Smallwood stand to get a substantial amount of work this season.

He just traded away Hilton and cook for zeke and Agholor. He also has keryon johnson, barber, and Martin at RB

His other Rb1 is kamara lol so he’s prettt set there

From your end it’s a good offer. it’s going to end at that. That owner would have to be a complete moron to get rid of zeke + kamara just to have julio and ajayi in place of zeke.

Lol I agree which is why I kind of hoped he would take the trade. Definitely not looking forward to facing that combo, but he turned down the offer even when I tried to sweeten the pot. Thanks for the input though!

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